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Some cool parts for writing in quarto


Eleanor C Sayre


May 1, 2015

Oh hey, there’s a dictionary!

this term: emergence r dict("emergence") is….

Wide boxes:


this is column-page-inset-right, my favorite wide option that preserves the left bar.

There are also asides.

This is a span that has the class aside which places it in the margin without a footnote number.

Let’s do a two column choice. r ipsum(1)

r ipsum(2)

Look, I can put text in the margin. See also margin notes

r ipsum(1)

Callouts are possible

In the main body of the text. Options are note warning important tip caution

r ipsum(1)

Callouts are possible

Callouts are also possible in the sidebar. See also callout options


You can make heavier comments with the appearance=“default” option.

r ipsum(1)


These are a PITA. See: table generator

Pipe tables are the easiest (Table 1):

first second
first things go in the first column
but second things go in the second column
Table 1: a cheap pipe table


Footnotes usually go at the end, but I have set a universal option to put them in the margin column).

Here’s more info on footnotes and citations

Alert box, and also a box of three boxes:

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