Baby pants

Knitted pants for babies and toddlers

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I used to keep all my pages on google sites, but now I’m moving them over to github and netlify. Moving out of google sites has been a nightmare. I need to do a lot of work to extract the text, translate into quarto / markdown, and manually insert images.

This page is still in transition.

Directions for people who like to read their knitting:

In worsted weight or fatter yarn, one needle size below what you normally use for that yarn, CO 1.5x(number of sts for hat), plus however many you need to make a multiple of 4. In Peace Fleece, I use a size 7 needle with 64 sts for NB, 72 sts for small, and 80 sts for medium. They are slightly more than 4sts/in.

Work k2p2 ribbing until the purl welts turn to purl valleys, approx 4-6 rows. Work eyelet row: *yo, k2tog, yo, p2tog*. Work another 4 rows of k2p2 ribbing.

Switch to stockinette. You will work a short row across the butt half of the stitches approximately every inch until you join for the crotch.

When the work is square (as many inches high as it is wide), it is time to join the crotch. Use a 3-needle BO to join four sts at center back with four sts at center front. You can also graft with the other end of the ball, but this is faster and a little more sturdy.

For each leg, PU 3-4 sts in the vicinity of the center crotch so as to leave no holes. In the following inch or two, use symmetric decreases to get rid of them. Work legs in stockinette until they are as long as the butt, or somewhat longer for toddlers or babies without cloth diapers.

Choose a cuff finish. Seed st is good for toddler because it rolls up well. A two-sts applied icord looks especially cute on smaller babies.

Make a drawstring cord of quadrupled yarn and thread it through the eyelet row. Weave in ends. Don’t bother to block.

On Arthur’s rainbow pants, the yarn is Knitpicks Wool of the Andes sport held triple. The color blends as follows, changing every 6 rows:


They cuffs are two strands of only yellow.

The white and purple pants have the butt short rows in purple. The stripe pattern continues on the legs. The icord BO is worked into false bows on the outside of the ankles. Arthur likes to grab the bows and chew. They are Peace Fleece

The lavender pants with pale green cuffs have a split cuff out of seed st and a pocket on the butt. They are also Peace Fleece. The split cuffs are made with intarsia techniques.

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