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Workshops for faculty on the scholarship of teaching and learning


Eleanor C Sayre


January 1, 2018

SoTL Faculty Development Workshops

You can support your students’ learning better with a scholarly approach to teaching.

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is a way of approaching your teaching from a scholarly perspective, including reflective thinking on your classes, deliberate design for future classes, and collecting evidence to support changes. Your students will learn more and be more engaged if you engage in SoTL.

Communication of results is a big component of SoTL. SoTL journals and disciplinary pedagogical journals publish peer-reviewed studies from regular faculty about teaching innovations and programmatic changes.

It’s sometimes a little daunting to get started in SoTL. Many faculty need help thinking about their first projects: clarifying their ideas, designing a publishable research project, thinking about how their projects will support diverse learners, and planning for data collection. If you’ve never done a SoTL project before, now is a great time to take some workshops and get started! If you’ve done a project or two already, these workshops will help you formalize your work and learn new techniques for future projects.

Workshop Schedule

13 February: Getting started with research questions (CBA 1092)

How do you know if your students are learning? What changes are you contemplating for next year? In this workshop, we’ll clarify your ideas about teaching problems to solve or new things to try. Your ideas will form the nucleus of a new SoTL project. You will leave this workshop with a reasonable and possible research question, as well as initial ideas towards a research design.

28 March: Designing publishable projects (CBA 4061)

So, you’ve got a research question – or maybe a family of research questions – and you want to work on your research design with an eye towards future publication. What should you be thinking about? How can you design a publishable project? In this workshop, we’ll focus on research designs that have good possibility of contributing new results and ideas into the literature. You will leave this workshop with an actionable research design that answers your research question and applies to your classes or program.

16 April: Fostering inclusivity and equity in your classroom (CBA 4061)

How do you teach so that all people can learn? How do you create safe spaces for students to try on risky ideas? Student learning is shaped by their identities and lived experiences. This workshop covers fundamental principles of equity and inclusion to examine how faculty can create more equitable environments that support all students. We will work on equitable and inclusive practices and policies that are applicable to real classrooms, and think about projects which you can enact in your class.

27 June: Planning your fall research project (CBA 4061)

Let’s plan projects for fall! What data will you collect, and when? How will you build data collection into your assignments or schedule (as appropriate)? When will you do your analyses? We will also talk about human subjects protections (IRB) that you need to do before you can collect data.

Workshops are 2:30 - 4:30 in Business building.

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